Jurisdiction of the Tribunal

The Tribunal has jurisdiction to hear–

  1. Any claim for redress for the purchase of goods or services permitted under the jurisdiction of the Tribunal.
  2. A claim where the total amount does not exceed RM50,000.00; and
  3. A claim which accrues within three years of the claim.

Limitation of Jurisdiction

The Tribunal has NO jurisdiction to hear any claim –

  1. Arising from personal injury or death;
  2. For the recovery of land or any estate or  interest in land;
  3. Dispute concerning the title  of any land or estate  or  interest in land;
  4. Dispute concerning  the entitlement of any person under a  will or on any intestacy;
  5. Dispute related to matters concerning-
    1.  franchise;
    2. good will;
    3. trade secret or other intellectual property;
    4. any chose in action; and
  6. Where any tribunal has been established under any other written law to hear and determine claims related to matter which is the subject matter of such claim.


Tribunal for Consumer Claims Malaysia

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